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Our Annual Anniversary Burns Supper

Trevor Nicol.jpg

Trevor Nicol

James Fraser

Morven Reid.jpg

Morven Reid

Our Anniversary Suppers are held on the Friday nearest to the 25th January each year  - the birth date of Burns in 1759. Cost of membership is £10.00. Anyone not on our mailing list who would like to attend should contact club secretary, Neil Anderson at


This year our 2023 Anniversary Supper was held on Friday 27th January, 2023 at Inverness Golf Club.


The speakers for 2023 were:

  • The Immortal Memory : James Fraser

  • Toast to the Lasses : Trevor Nicol

  • Reply to the Toast to the Lasses : Morven Reid

2023 Annual Supper


“And cut you up wi ready slight…”   

President Chris addressing the haggis in 2023

James Fraser as Tam o' Shanter

Trevor Nicol Toasts the Lasses

Morven Reid replies

Singer Ian Douglas accompanied by the inimitable Sheila Bruce

Top table procession led by piper Ian Hamilton

"The hour approaches Tam maun ride..."

Anniversary Supper 2023


President Chris Silver welcomed all our members and guests present and carried out the traditional Address to the Haggis. There then followed three hours of varied and enjoyable entertainment.


James Fraser started the ball rolling with his Immortal Memory, which concentrated on Rabbie’s ode to being human: ‘A Man’s a Man For a’ That.’ This then neatly segued into his epic poem: ‘Tam o’ Shanter.’ James’s spirited rendition stunned those present and elicited a huge round of applause on his conclusion.


Singer Ian Douglas, accompanied by Sheila Bruce on piano gave us some of Rabbie’s memorable songs throughout the evening, including: 'The Slave's Lament', ‘O Bonie was Yon Rosie Brier’ and ‘Killiecrankie.’


Trevor Nicol gave us his take on the relationship between men and women in his Toast tae the Lasses, which was augmented by some words from the Bard, while Morven Reid responded suitably with some observations of her own.


The whole evening was rounded off with some traditional community singing at the end… and of course ‘Auld Lang Syne.’

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